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From table to bed
in 10 seconds

Tablebed is a smart solution for anyone wanting to get the maximum benefit from the living space of their apartment, house or cottage. The innovative construction allows you to smoothly turn the table into a bed or vice versa.


  • There is waterproof isolation to keep the bed dry even if something is spilt on the table

  • Comfortable mattress allows you to sleep comfortably

  • The linen is stored inside the table so you need no extra space to keep them in

  • Measurements as a table: length 212 cm / width 95 cm / height 75 cm

  • Measurements of the mattresses: length 200 cm / width 140 cm / height 10 cm


The innovator behind the Tablebed is Dine Renfors. Inspired by minimalism he got rid of everything excessive in his own home and continued to ponder on how to take maximum advantage of the living space in his flat. Since a dining table and a bed are seldom used simultaneously, he figured that there might be a way to combine the two.


After Dine had built a couple of prototypes with his father’s assistance on their home farm in Västanfjärd on Kemiö island, he joined forces with Johan Backas.


– Many years we two strived to take maximum advantage of the square feet of a soccer field together, but now we aim to help others to use the living space of their home as effectively as possible, Renfors says.


As the real estate prices in cities are going up, the way people live is going to change remarkably in the coming years and decades.


– The leading light for us as farmers’ sons is common sense. It needs to be put into use as people make plans about their living arrangements in the future in order for them to do so as affordably and comfortably as possible, Backas says.

Dine Renfors

Creative Director

+358-40 700 5223


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